1.1 This is an international team competition.

1.2 Teams will represent their countries.

1.3    DAY 1: GROUP STAGES, Date: 16th March, 2018.

1.4    DAY 2: SEMI FINALS AND FINALS Date: 17th March, 2018

1.5  Location: Kingdom of Bahrain



2.1    A minimum of 8 teams representing their respective countries will be participating.

2.2    Each team will have four main members, and one reserve member incase of injury to any of the other members.

2.3    Each team member has to be a citizen of the country they represent.

2.4    Each battle between 2 countries will consist of two rounds.

2.5    First round; individuals from each team will battle against each other for a total of 10 points, which will go towards the total at the end of the battle. This will last for 4 minutes per battle.

2.6    There will be a 10 minute break in between each round

2.7    Second Round; the entire team will battle against the other team, a minimum of two people from the team will have to be on the bars or performing at any time. This will last for 5 minutes. The second round is worth a maximum of 10 points.

2.8    After both rounds are over the winning country will be the one with the highest number of points out of a maximum of 50 points over both rounds.




3.1    Athletes from all around the world from any given country willing to participate will need to create a team of four main athletes, plus one reserve athlete which will only be used incase of injury to any of the main athletes at the time. This team will need to register stating the names of the main athletes and who the reserve athlete is, and submit a video. The reserve athlete will not feature in the submission video.

3.2  Any team from countries wanting to participate can send in their videos, the judging panel will chose the top ten, based on the following categories: Strength, Technique, Dynamics & Teamwork.

3.2    In order to maintain interest about the event among local viewers, there will always be a team representing the country in which the event is held by default.

3.3    The teams will need to upload the videos on naming the video as mentioned below in point 4.4

3.3.1    The link to Each Video will need to be submitted to: & CC:


3.4    Local teams participating will still need to be selected by the panel of judges appointed by the organisers and made up of internationally recognized calisthenics athletes, in order to ensure the top level athletes are participating; the choice must not be based on personal interests, acquaintanceship or any other privileges.

3.5    Teams from any given country will be chosen by the quality of their performance in their submitted videos, the panel of judges appointed by the organizers and made up of internationally recognized calisthenics athletes,  will shortlist 3 teams from each country.

3.5.1    The shortlisted teams from each country will be displayed on the Calisthenics World Cup website.

3.5.2    All applicant videos will need to be submitted by December 16th 2017.

3.5.3    Qualified / Shortlisted teams will be announced on the website by December 26th 2017.

3.6    The choice of Teams will be based on technical ability, difficulty of moves, and strength displayed in the videos. Also for the team moves teamwork and synchronization will play an important part.




4.1    Application video must be 5 minutes long.

4. 2    The video must focus on each team member individually for 1 minute each, and 1 minute as a team.

4.3    The entire video must be filmed at one time and must be a continuous performance of the team members and team. Video editing is not allowed.

4.4    The video must be named: “Calisthenics World Cup 2018 – Your Country Name - Your Team Name”.

4.5    The video’s description (commentary) must link to the CWC social accounts:


Instagram page: @calisthenicsworldcup #calisthenicsworldcup

4.5.1  The selected teams, by submitting their videos agree to promote the Calisthenics World Cup 2018 on their own personal social media accounts and tag or mention the official Calisthenics World Cup accounts mentioned above in point  

4.6    Videos that will not correspond to the requirements stated in Clauses 4.1 – 4.5 may not be assessed at all.

4.7    Once all requirements are met. The panel of judges will assess each video application; The shortlisted teams will be notified accordingly.




5.1    The travel cost of selected teams will be sponsored by the organizers.

5.2    Accommodation will be provided by the CWC.

5.3    In order to help teams to cover their costs, teams can have their own sponsors. However during the competition they will have to wear t-shirts provided by the Callisthenics World Cup. However it is prohibited to advertise companies operating in alcohol, tobacco or gambling business.

5.4    Any T-shirt designs must be sent to the organizer in advance for approval.

5.5    Sponsors must be team sponsors, and team members are not allowed to have individual sponsors that are different to the teams visible on anything they wear during the World Cup.




6.1    Each team member must have a valid health insurance (personally paid for or financed by a sponsor / supporter, etc.).

6.2    Each team member must take full responsibility for his health condition and is personally liable for his actions and their possible consequences both during competition and free time.

6.2.1 Each team member will also be required to sign and release of liability waiver

6.3    If the Team qualifies for participation in the Calisthenics World Cup, but for any personal reason is unable to arrive to the place of competition, their participation will be annulled and, if still practically possible, the vacant place offered to next best ranked team in the qualification scoring. The team which is unable to participate must notify the organizer in writing as soon as possible. The cutoff date for confirmation of all team members’ participation for this is 2 weeks prior to the event.





7.1    In any particular battle between two countries each team is normally given two (2) rounds to show their best performance.

7.1.1    Round 1 consists of 4 minute battles in which individuals from each team compete against each other for a maximum of 10 points each. The organizer selects these battles randomly. Only one individual can perform at a time.

7.1.2    There will be a 10 minute break after the first round.

7.1.3    Round 2, consists of a 5 minute battle where the entire team will compete against the other team. Only one team may by performing at a time, and at least two people must be performing at any given time.

7.2    Music will be selected by the organizer.

7.3    During the battles each athlete is allowed to use gloves, additional weights, as well as other elements which are provided on stage by the organizer to enhance of the athlete’s performance. The performing athlete may also choose to use another team member as a prop to enhance the difficulty of any given move.

7.4    In the second round of each country battle team members are allowed to use the help of other members to perform moves. Moves may also be synchronized or choreographed.

7.5    It is forbidden to perform or use insulting or offensive actions, gestures, and attributes towards other participants, judges, or viewers. The consequences of such actions are immediate disqualification.

7.6    Any offenses concerning national or racial hatred are categorically forbidden.

7.7    Dress-code. As calisthenics is distinctive from classical or sports gymnastics, the athletes must present themselves not only with a distinctive performance, but also with a distinctive choice of wardrobe. The requirements for the wardrobe are the following:

7.7.1    Participants must wear closed-toe shoes. Gymnastic shoes are not allowed.

7.7.2    Participants must wear long trousers or shorts that are not shorter than 5 cm above the knees. Jogging shorts or gymnastic shorts are not allowed.

7.7.3    Tight-fitting gymnastics shorts are not allowed.

7.7.4    The Participants are allowed to use special costumes that fit their chosen themes in order to highlight the richness of their performance.

7.7.5    Any tight-fitting gymnastic suits are not allowed.

7.8    In any stage and in any round of competition any of the winners or participants may be required to perform a doping test according to the international regulations and requirements of the World Anti- Doping Agency (WADA). By taking participation in Calisthenics World Cup, the participants irrevocably agree to take, where appropriate, anti-doping tests. The expenses for this will be covered by the CWC.

7.11    If the results of the anti-doping test are positive, the guilty participant will be disqualified from participation in official Calisthenics World Cup events for a period of 1 year.